Grooming Without the Stress
You don't get your hair cut at a big box store. Why should your pup? We offer crate free, full-service grooming by appointment only. Our Certified Dog Stylist provides quality results with an affectionate approach.
Dogs Thrive With Canine Fitness!
Not only tiring your dog out physically, but exercising their minds through structure and obedience. Canine Fitness provides them with balance.
You Found an AWESOME Pet Sitter!
an affordable kennel or boarding alternative in which your pets remain in the luxury of their own home.
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Dog Walking and so much more

Different physical activities such as standard mid-day dog walks, running, field trips to the dog park, mountain biking and backpacking on local trails. Promotes relaxation, dissipates anxiety, burns calories and decreases unwanted behaviors.

View our Accommodations and make Reservations

An affordable Kennel Alternative in which your pets remain in the luxury of their own home. Pet’s daily routines remain unchanged decreasing separation anxiety and you are billed for the actual time we are with your pets.

Relieve yourself of this Doo-ty!

Clean up and disposal prevents your backyard from becoming a wasteland. Dog feces are common carriers of diseases & parasites that can be passed on to children, other animals and even your own pets.

One on one with a Certified Dog Stylist

Our professional groomer works by APPOINTMENT ONLY, producing the least stressful environment and experience for your furry family member. Dogs are never crated while they are in our care and are blown dry never crate dried.

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