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Different kinds of routers make use of different IP addresses. We have already published an article on IP address and Login IP. Now in this article, we are going to share the official guide for setting up the router using IP. is an IP address used by home routers with private access. IP address is using 65,536 addresses mostly for personal use. This IP address is having an IP range of is reserved for broadcast data transfers for public use. You can use over 253 different IP addresses with this Router IP.

Just like IP, 192.168.l.l, Routers also required username and password. If you’re using a router for more convenient access to the Internet while inside your house, your connection is going to have default private IP (Internet Protocol) which is a combo of numbers. Whenever you buy a new router or modem, you will receive a default login username and password. IP ADDRESS – USERNAME AND PASSWORD

You should access your router. Lots of people are upgrading their routers to address the higher need for performance. Your router may be built-in to the modem, or it may be separate. Most routers include a different guest network that may be activated in the settings.

WiFi networks have come a very long way in the last ten years. You may be asking yourself why they should be connected to their network. Whether it’s a corporate network or a home network security is among the significant points of concern for those users. The IP address is not a common IP address for Routers, but in some special cases, you will need to access the Router Admin page with IP address.

If you don’t remember your username and password, you can take advantage of default login details that are offered on the web. As an issue of fact, you can without problems elect for your network IP address according to your convenience via the Administrative panel. Read this Wikipedia page for more information on private networks.


Step 1: Open your Brower on your laptop or PC and type “”.

Step 2: Press Enter and this will ask for username and password.

Step 3: Default username and password will be admin-admin or admin-password.

Step 4: Once logged in, you can acess the Router IP address.

You will need to Login to Router. The default username and password is;

Username: admin

Password: admin/password/pass

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