You’re sure to love the look of your lawn as much as your dog will love the smell.  We thoroughly clean your yard on a regular basis to keep it sanitary.  We disinfect our equipment before and after each visit to make sure all our clients stay healthy.  Call 518.488.8588 or Email to schedule an appointment.  Priceless Companions can make your yard clean and healthy as soon as tomorrow!


$90 monthly   1-2 Dog Household with average (1/4 acre) size lawn

$100 monthly   3 Dog Households or larger (1/2 acre) size lawns*

$15 monthly   Waste Disposal — This fee can be offset by letting us dispose securely bagged waste in your trash receptacles.

Weekly pet waste cleanup will keep your yard healthy and looking great.  We recommend this service if you want to ‘Relieve yourself of this Dooty’.  Cleanings occur once per week, every week of the month.  Conveniently pay for the season or each month.

*additional fees will be applied for yards over a half acre and households with 3 or more dogs.


$50 Per Half Hour

A thorough cleaning is perfect in the Spring time, getting ready for a party or if previous tenants left a big mess on your hands.  We walk your yard, scoop and bag the accumulated dog waste, then it can be hauled away.


$10-20 Per Monthly Application

Our eco-smart deodorizers are made from all natural ingredients that are people, pet and planet safe.  Enzyme powered granules are sprinkled on the ‘hot odor zones’ of your yard that are frequented by your pets.  Deodorizers are specially formulated to attract the smelly urine and stool odor-causing molecules on contact, absorbing them into billions of tiny pores, and destroying the vile smells that invade your yard.


$5 Per Bag*

Believe it or not this crap adds up quickly.  Average Spring Cleanups result in over 50 pounds of bagged dog waste.  We’d be happy to haul it away in our poop-trailer for you.  This fee can be offset by letting us dispose securely bagged waste in your trash receptacles.

*bags not to exceed 40 lbs


• Seasonal Services provided April – November

• Waste can be hauled away in our poop-trailer

• Receive text updates after service

• Odor neutralizer & one-time cleanups

• Commercial pet waste removal


We clean apartment complexes, HOAs, dog parks and other commercial properties.

Priceless Companions’ waste cleanup technicians maintain your entire property or service just a few problem areas.  Our solution is affordable.  A targeted, weekly cleaning agreement can cost $100 per month or even less.  All dog waste is bagged, hauled away after each cleaning, and we even deodorize common areas.

How Estimates Are Structured

Estimates are itemized by the different zones in a property.  For instance, if your grounds contain a mailbox, play area and a common area we will give you a price for each area.  This allows the flexibility to decide which areas to focus on.  Our estimate is partly determined by the size of the area but the largest factor is how much dog traffic an area gets.

Let us tailor an affordable pet waste solution that fits your properties’ needs.

Property managers, landlords, and realtors all appreciate our service.  It’s not easy selling or leasing a property with a big mess in the back yard.  We keep common areas clean and residence happy.  If you would like more information about commercial pet waste cleanup or a service bid on your Apartment complex, HOA or other property please contact us at 518.488.8588 or email  We will be in contact within 48 hours of your request.

We manage Pet Waste for…

  • Communities 
  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Home Owner Associations
  • Parks & Playgrounds
  • Church Grounds
  • Dog Parks
  • Business Complexes
  • Hotels & Motel Grounds
  • Veterinary Clinics
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