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Antivirus programs protect your computer from malicious software by detecting potential scams and viruses and getting rid of them before they can do any harm. And while there are a ton on the market, we’ve picked our top four choices to help you choose the right AntivirusDON : Bitdefender vs Malwarebytes antivirus tools for your Windows PC—and sometimes Mac—computer.

Malwarebytes has built an impressive fan-base around its free anti-malware application designed to fend off viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, dialers, rootkits, exploits, and malicious website as well as other web-based threats.

The free version does not include scheduled scans, real-time protection, removable drive scans, and malicious website blocking. These features and more are available in the paid edition, called Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium.

The main advantage of the free application is that it can be run as a secondary line of defense against online threats, by pairing it with the real-time safeguard of traditional antivirus software.

But the free version has its shortcomings, too. During a scan, it flags Advanced System Care, a legitimate program, as a PUP: potentially unwanted program. It should be simple to tell MalwareBytes to ignore the 17 flagged files in future scans, but it is not.

Like every other security suite, MalwareBytes displays flagged files in a format that cuts off the last part of the path to the flagged file. To see exactly what is flagged, one must generate a report in a text file and open it with WordPad or some other external text editor. Then read the full pathname, decide what to do, and switch back to MalwareBytes to provide further instructions. Ugh! Having guessed that all 17 of my flagged files belong to Advanced System Care, I simply left all files checked and clicked “Next.” Malwarebytes then gave me the option to ignore or delete flagged files; I chose “ignore.”

The free version of Malwarebytes does not provide real-time protection against malware, malicious sites, or anything else. It relies on you to initiate a scan, detects existing malware and quarantines it pending your review and decision to keep or delete it.

My opinion of MalwareBytes Free hasn’t changed much in the past 10 years. It’s a great tool to have as a “second look” when you suspect a malware problem, and in some cases, I’ve seen it catch things that other anti-malware tools missed.

I do use the Premium version on a computer in my home that’s used by other family members. I made that decision partly to support a company that I admire, and partly to add a second layer of defense there. It’s noteworthy that the paid version of Malwarebytes has always “played nice” with other real-time security tools. It’s the only exception to my oft-repeated advice that only ONE real-time anti-virus tool should be active.

With Bitdefender Total Security 2019 you have the option for 3, 5 and 10 devices. Also, you can buy up to 3 years of protection. Bitdefender Total Security 2019: New Inclusions With Total Security 2019, Bitdefender is trying to strengthen protection against. Also, there are many small changes to use Interface. Webcam Security Bitdefender Total Security 2019 comes with Webcam Security option as a unique feature as compared to previous versions. Now you can restrict access to applications to your webcam.

You can add specific applications that you trust to have webcam access permission. Also, Bitdefender will show a list of all the applications which requests access to your webcam. Hence, this protection is valuable and places a big lock on privacy leaks. Optionally you can set webcam block for all applications and Browsers. In case of confusion, you can allow Bitdefender to manage the block preference for you. You can also select to get notifications when any app connects to your webcam.

Bitdefender’s Total Security is a feature-packed product for the security conscious, the family and the traveler. At the time of writing it is discounted 50% to £35/US$44.99 for a year and up to five devices. This deal seems to more of a permanent price reduction for new customers so doesn’t change often. Buy it in the UK here or the US here.

Along with file and system scans, there’s a dedicated vulnerability scan that checks for outdated software and weak network passwords, protection against new and emerging threats like ransomware, and Network Threat Prevention, which aims to stop attacks before they begin. You also get a password manager, a parental advisor and a 200MB per day per device VPN.

In AV-Test’s latest report, Bitdefender’s Internet Security scored lower than in previous tests, managing to catch 98.8% of the 0-day malware attacks thrown at it. It also scored perfectly in performance and usability, though.

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