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Dogs, like us, are born to work for a living.

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We are dog walking rain or shine!

But let’s face it, most of us don’t find enough time to exercise or take great care of ourselves, let alone fit in time for all the other things life throws at us. This is common and understandable. So what do we do? We get help. We get help with landscaping, we take our laundry to the cleaners, we hire personal trainers and child care providers. But what about Max and Bella?

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We aren’t your typical dog walker.

Oh, they have a fenced in yard and get plenty of exercise, right? Wrong. Your dogs don’t run laps by themselves in your backyard. Maybe after an occasional brave squirrel, but they aren’t productively exercising their bodies or their minds. Dogs were bred to work with a particular purpose like herding livestock, hunting or to provide protection. Dogs are social animals capable of solving problems, yet modern dog spends most of their time indoors without work, and scarce opportunity to exercise. We can help get your dog off the unemployment line and get them back to work with Canine Fitness and our dog walking program!

Canine Fitness is achieved with physical exercise, mental stimulation and structure.

The goal of our Canine Fitness sessions are not to just tire your dog out physically, but to exercise their minds through structure and obedience and provide them with balance. Through activities like loose leash walks, backpacking, running and biking, to hiking trails with other dogs and playing at the local dog park balance is achieved and rewarded. Any dog is sure to enjoy and benefit from our Canine Fitness program.Dog walking, dog walker, saratoga, canine fitness, priceless companions

Dogs are natural athletes who need to release their energy.

They will one way or another. If left alone and inactive they may find something to do on their own- this you surely won’t like. Dogs that lack regular exercise will exert problematic behaviors, such as destructive chewing or digging, investigative behaviors (like getting in the garbage), attention getting behaviors (like excessive barking or whining), or unruliness (like rough play or jumping up on people). Most of our clients have reported drastic changes in their dog’s behavior after regular routine Canine Fitness sessions.

canine fitness, running with dogs, dog walking, dog runningExercising their body and mind provides dogs with a positive outlet.

With a vast array of activities, your dog can find balance with regular Canine Fitness and you can have peace of mind that they are set up for success. All activities are engaging with obedience, loose leashes, positive reinforcement and ensure your dog’s business is completed outside. Priceless Companions is experienced handling even the most unruly dogs and our staff is committed to providing quality pet services.

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