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So you want to use your DSLR camera to capture a beautiful video feed and are wondering how. You’ve come to the right place. You have two methods. If you’re using DSLR as a webcam on mac you can turn it into a webcam with just some software. For other cameras and computers may need to buy some hardware to make it happen.

How to install and use Canon’s EOS Webcam Utility

Aside from a supported camera and Windows 10 PC, you’ll also need a USB cable compatible with your camera so you can connect it to your PC. The exact type of USB connection differs between models, but you can check to see what cable you need on Canon’s support page. If you’ve met those requirements, you can now set up the EOS Webcam Utility software.

  • Download the Canon EOS Webcam Beta.
  • You may need to provide your camera’s serial code to access the download.
  • You can find it on the bottom of your camera’s battery slot or in the original packaging/user materials.
  • Run the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.
  • Connect your Canon DSLR via USB.
  • Run the Canon EOS Webcam Utility and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your camera.
  • You should now be able to select the camera as a webcam or video source in programs like Zoom, OBS,
  • Facebook Messenger and more (Note: the EOS Webcam Utility needs to be running in the background to maintain a connection, so don’t close it until you’re done using the camera).

Other ways to use your DSLR as a webcam

If your camera or PC aren’t supported by Canon’s EOS Webcam Utility, there are other ways to use your DSLR as a webcam:

  • Sparkocam for Windows is free to download but will leave an annoying watermark over your video.
  • You can remove the watermark by purchasing a license: $70 for a yearly license or $100 for lifetime access.
  • Mac users, try the free program CamTwist Studio instead.
  • The other option is to go the external hardware route with a camera capture card like the Elgato CamLink.

Use Kapchr to turn a digital camera into a webcam

This is yet another powerful device that enables you to connect a DSLR or any other type of digital camera to a Mac or PC computer. Similarly to CamLink, Kapchr turns a DSLR into a webcam by enabling you to connect the camera to the device via the HDMI cable. Kapchr also features an audio input that can be used to connect an external audio recording device such as a microphone or a mixer with 16bit and 48 GHz quality.

Simply plug in the USB cable into the device and then connect it to a computer. Use the HDMI cable to connect the camera with Kapchr, as well as an audio jack if you want to record sound from an external source. Kapchr lets its users capture video at 350 Mb/sec and it doesn’t require any special webcam video recording tools. WireCast, OBS Studio, or Twitch are all compatible with Kapchr and they can all be used equally effectively to create webcam videos.

This piece of equipment may be out of the price range of an average webcam videographer, but at just $249 it is a great choice for all professionals who want to produce webcam videos of the highest quality.

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