pack walks, pack walking, saratoga dog walker, priceless companions, pet services kusherHi, I’m Kusher!

Nothing makes me happier than exercising my mind and body. I used to get over excited and would run around at the dog park and in my back yard like a crazy maniac. I had so much extra energy, sometimes I would get bored and get in the garbage or chew on things that I knew I wasn’t supposed to. My parents even took me swimming while on long hikes, but even that wasn’t truly fulfilling. What my parents and I realized was that physical activity was great for me and my physical health, but it never met my natural mental or psychological needs.

After years of practice and studying my parents began to walk me in a totally new way. I used to have to lead the way, but I didn’t know which way we were headed. This didn’t feel right and caused me distress because of all the different distractions and scents. I’m a dog, so for me, I prefer to follow. I don’t dig the responsibility thing. After some practice and learning on my behalf my parents began walking me with a loose leash. It felt so calming and reassuring to have them lead the way. All I had to do was just chill and walk beside them and they began to take me all over Saratoga to meet new friends.

This new lifestyle changed my life. I’m finally truly happy. Currently I hold the position of Pack Assistant, it’s my job to stay calm and attentive to my handler, and to set a good example for the other followers. I have tons of friends that I get to hang out with, and we all enjoy walking together so much. A few of my friend’s parents couldn’t believe it when our whole gang was walking together. But it’s simple, it’s in our nature, and we need it. My friends and I are dogs, we’re travelers, we thrive when we get to exercise our minds and bodies with Canine Fitness.

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