Pet sitting, dog walking, saratoga sprigs new york, saratoga springs, doggy day care, priceless companionsHi, I’m Nalah, but my Mom calls me Empress Boo Boo.

Let me tell you about the best day of my life. Years ago I was in a tough situation. I had been living for a little while at the Saratoga County Animal Shelter. I had been picked up as a stray when I was roaming around looking for my puppies. This was a terrible experience. I knew I wouldn’t see my pups again and I was in rough shape having fleas and skin irritations. I wished for a miracle to be rescued by someone who could help me get out of that place. I had wished and wished each day until finally it happened. I was brought home by a beautiful young lady. She was so kind and sweet. She cared me back to health, my coat began to shine, and I was comfortable usually curled up in my bed.

My new living situation had been all I had hoped for, but for some reason I was still a little on edge. I carried some baggage from my past experiences. I was pretty reactive to other dogs when my new Mom “let me walk her”. She let me use a retractable leash, so when I would lead ahead I had to stay on constant alert. I was out in front, so it was my job to lead the way. After all, she rescued me and I couldn’t let anyone mess with us. This responsibility really started to weigh on me and my parents decided to do something about it.

Things are totally different now. My parents spent years teaching me to chill out and make sure I always get regular exercise. They have me out with other dogs all the time and some of us are real close friends. I definitely preferred a little space around the other dogs at first, but now my social life is thriving. They gave me a new job too. I no longer have to lead the way and I’m super stoked to be a follower as a Pack Assistant. Actually, all my friends love being followers too. It’s so easy. During our Canine Fitness walks we just have to focus on the leader and we all get to walk on a loose leash.

I don’t really like a lot of excitement and high energy so it’s relieving to know that my parents have everything under control. They always step in if any of my friends get distracted to ensure we all stay in a calm state of mind. My life has had it’s ups and downs, but I’m thankful. Thankful that my parents and Canine Fitness add so much quality to my life. They provide me with true health, happiness, and balance.

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