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Have you ever been away from home for some time to return and rPet Sitting, In home pet care, pet services saratoga springs, priceless companionsealize that you have the perfect bed?

boarding, kennel, pet sitter, pet sitting, professional pet sitterIt’s more comfortable than any other you have come across, right? Of course, there is something about “our bed” and home that is comforting, tranquil and distinctive. Our pets feel the same way about being surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds. The next time you go on a trip without your beloved fur friend you should think about Priceless Companions for accommodating pet care. We provide first-class residential pet sitting allowing your pets to remain in the luxury of their own sitting, pet sitting, cat sitter, cat sitting, pet services, priceless companions

Pets clearly would not prefer to stay in a kennel with dozens of strange dogs barking and little human interaction.

Although you could always burden your friends or family to attend to your pet’s needs, they have plenty of free time. Or the neighborhood kid, she can handle an emergency situation and has established contingency plans. Or, what about the big website that allows pets to board with strangers and other dogs in unfamiliar surroundings. With all these great options why would you need to make a reservation with Priceless Companions for Pet Sitting?

pet sitter, saratoga pet sitting, boarding, kennel alternative, priceless companionsOur team is fanatic about animals and we don’t say that lightly, your pet will love being “waited on paw and tail”.

From reservation to check out we provide the highest level of personalized service. Accommodations inclusive with all our visits include housekeeping, room service with your pet’s favorite meal and snacks, live Pet sitting, professional pet sitter, pet sitters international, priceless companions, saratoga springsentertainment and suitably tailored canine fitness.

Since 2013 Priceless Companions has been a member of Pet Sitters International, the world’s largest educational association for professional pet sitters. Your pet is in the hands of an attentive, courteous, professional pet sitter certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. All reservations include premium pet insurance and courtesy photo or video updates during each visit.

pet feeding, dog walking, pet sitting, pet boarding, dog boarding, dog day care, priceless companionsAs an owner operated company Priceless Companions is invested in our clients and our business.

But the best part about our pet sitting service is that your pet’s daily routines remain unchanged while they can rest in luxury at home. Affordable, especially for multi-pet households, pet parents are billed for the actual time we are giving attention to your loved ones. Are you and your pet ready to experience first-class pet care? Let the Priceless Companions team exceed your and your pet’s expectations of pet care!

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