• Perfect for multi-pet households, we care for pets of every variety.

• Pets stay home in a stress free, familiar environment.

• Receive courtesy text updates with photos or video every visit.

• We are members of Pet Sitter’s International & certified in Pet First Aid.

• Priceless Companions is Insured, Bonded and Reliable.

Dog Visits | Walks | Feed   30 min.

Dogs are taken outside to get some fresh air and to enjoy a walk to burn some energy .  During our visit we will tend to housekeeping, room service, and your dog(s) will enjoy our live entertainment.  We recommend 3-4 visits each day to keep them on their familiar schedule.

   $20   1 Dog Households

   $30   2 Dog Households

    $5     Additional Indoor Pet

Quick Stop* | Potty | Stretch   15-20 min.

Ideal for a check-in during the midday, a quick stop will give your dog a chance to use the bathroom and stretch their legs.  We will be sure to provide lots of love and comfort during our visit and even a favorite treat.

   $15   1 Dog Households

   $20   2 Dog Households

*limited to one per day

Cat Visits | Litter | Feed   15-20 min.

Felines, being more independent, typically don’t require as many visits as our canine clients.  Visits consist of litter housekeeping, room service, and your cat(s) are sure to enjoy our live pte academic entertainment.  We recommend 1-2 visits each day for our cat guests.

   $20   1-2 Cat Households

   $25   3-4 Cat Households

Cage Pets | Clean | Feed   15-20 min.

We look after everyone in the household and sometimes that includes a rabbit or a guinea pig.  Other times it includes a snake or a tarantula.  Cage pets also receive cage housekeeping, room service, and we will change bedding as needed to .

   $15   1-2 Pet Households

   $20   3-4 Pet Households

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