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PetaPalooza 2015 kicked off our #RescuePupCampaign.

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Thank you to the Volunteers that helped at our booth!

pet adoption, priceless companions, petapaloozaCurtis Lumber has been doing business in the Capital Region of New York for over 125 years as a family-owned company and 2015 marked their 6th Annual PetaPalooza event as the largest one-day pet adoption day in New York State and Vermont. Each Curtis Lumber location hosted multiple animal shelters and rescue groups with many adoption rates being lowered for the day! Hundreds of animals from over 80 shelters and rescue groups were available for adoption including cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters and more!

This year’s event was extra special with the addition of Inkwells Printing attending with their Mobile Printing Shop providing Live Printing of apparel for newly adopted pet parents and pet enthusiasts. For PetaPalooza 2015 and Priceless Companions teamed up to help spread awareness of available shelter animals through therescue pup campaign, petapalooza, fundraiser, shelter dogs, priceless companions fundraising efforts of Priceless Companions’ #RescuePupCampaign. Priceless Companions provides quality pet services to the Greater Saratoga Springs area and is dedicated to bettering not only our local pet friendly community but also the lives of local underprivileged animals.

Out of Priceless Companions volunteer efforts at local animal shelters and their commitment to raising awareness of shelter animals through social media the #RescuePupCampaign was born!

hudson the railroad puppy, priceless companions

Hudson the Railroad Puppy paid a visit to Petapalooza 2015.

PetaPalooza 2015 marked the launch of the #RescuePupCampaign clothing line sales and giveaway shirts. With great help from both and Priceless Companions each person that adopted a pet at PetaPalooza 2015 received a Free Custom printed shirt that read, “Who Rescued Who?”. Tied into the pet theme printed and sold shirt designs from Priceless Companions’ #RescuePupCampaign line and custom #YourPupTees in which pet owners had images of their own pets printed on their shirts!

pet adoption, priceless companions, petapalooza

Remington, from Saratoga County Animal Shelter was adopted at Petapalooza 2015.

Inkwells Printing company received high praise as it added greatly to the event with it’s unique Live Printing and Mobile Printing Shop. Passerby’s and customers alike could not resist telling us all how cool it was that they could have their pet printed on a shirt right before their eyes and how awesome it was for us to be raising money through Priceless Companions’ #RescuePupCampaign. Steve Caporizzo, local rescue animal advocate and anchor from News Channel 10, stopped by the booth and talked to us for a bit. Steve was super enthused about the Live Printing in the Mobile Printing Shop; he really liked what we were doing and what the #RescuePupCampaign is all about.petapalooza, rescue pup campaign, priceless companions

PetaPalooza 2015 was truly a great success! Curtis Lumber’s Ballston Spa location alone had over 250 adoptions for the day! A total of over 400 pets were adopted out company wide. and Priceless Companions were thrilled to be apart of this event and contributing to the success of PetaPalooza 2015. All #RescuePupCampaign shirts are printed locally by Inkwells Printing and a portion of proceeds are donated by Priceless Companions to benefit local Capital Region animals. Visit to help with our #RescuePupCampaign efforts; view and shop online for pet inspired apparel and custom #YourPupTees! A fitting quote from Steve Caporizzo himself, “If we all do a little, no one will have to do a lot.”

rescue pup campaign, steve caporizzo, priceless companions

Steve Caporizzo poses with Priceless Companions and his new Who Rescued Who? shirt.

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