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You may have heard Priceless Companions provides pet waste removal services?Pet Waste Removal, Pooper Scooper, Saratoga pet waste, 12866

Alright, let us know when you stop laughing. We get it, it sounds funny that someone is willing to pick up poop in other people’s yards. While some think pet waste is absolutely yucky, we are still slightly immature in that we find it to be kind of funny. We have no shame in poop scooping and we encourage you to Relieve yourself of this Doo-ty!™ All joking aside, it’s no laughing matter when you yourself step in a pile of you know what, right?

Dog feces are common carriers of diseases and parasites.

They can be passed on to children, other animals and even our own pets. It’s gross to think about, but necessary to keep cleaned up. We offer weekly, bi-weekly scooping service, as well as one-time cleanups and spring cleanups. No job is too small or big we cater to home owners, rental properties, HOAs, play areas and other commercial properties. Our friendly, dog-loving technicians pick up all waste efficiently and haul it away in our poop-trailer for proper disposal. We even deodorize lawns, decks and patios soiled with dog urine and other pet related odors.Pet Waste Cleanup, Priceless Companions, Saratoga pooper scooper

pet waste removal, popper scooper, saratoga springs, priceless companionsOur technicians arrive on your scheduled service day and get right to work.

There is no need to be inconvenienced waiting at home while your scooper cleans the yard. You only need to enjoy your spotless yard and appreciate that you don’t have to dodge land mines. With continued service your children and pets can enjoy running around a clean and safe yard.

Priceless Companions is here to make life easier for local dog owners.

waste cleanup, priceless companions, poop pickup

Another happy customer gets to enjoy their clean and healthy lawn!

Time is a precious commodity and we all have to-do lists. We’re willing to bet that picking up after the pooch is down towards the bottom of yours. This is why dog owners love Priceless Companions, we turn your valuable time into free time and you get to focus on things you enjoy most. We can prevent your backyard and property from becoming a waste land.


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